There are many ways and sources to look for products and suppliers, but only trade fairs enable buyers to fully understand the intended benefits of a product or of a service provided. Check for yourself, ask your inventors and compare performances and products. Examine, question and compare products.

Visitors go to trade shows to:

Evaluate products and suppliers
You can source competitive information about a wide range of products and suppliers in a short space of time. According to Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), decision-makers are more inclined to elect trade fairs as being extremely useful sources in the quest for information when it comes to making a purchase than any other channel.

See novelties
Trade exhibitions are recognized as a great place for launching products, and an efficient way of keeping up to date in a short space of time.

Stay Updated of industry and the market
Exhibitions are excellent sources for new ideas and applications and, therefore, play an important role in strategic planning and business generation. Reed Manch works together with associations and communication vehicles to ensure that are our events are at the very forefront of development.

Create Network & Generate business contacts
Trade fairs are the centre-point of the industry due to the fact that they attract a wide range of its representatives, from buyers and sellers to trade associations and the press.

Other reasons to visit trade shows

  • Consolidate business relationships
  • Solve specific problems
  • Find new markets
  • Appoint representatives/seek investment
  • Discuss specific issues/conditions/prices
  • Obtain technical knowledge
  • Discuss your business’ requirements in a neutral environment