Interview with Rishi Nagpal, RNN Printing & Packaging Machinery Co P Ltd

Media Release: 4 July 2013

Indian corrugation sector is on a steep growth phase and many big & small players are in the process of contributing to a more advanced industry.


In conversation with Rishi Nagpal, Managing Director, RNN Printing & Packaging Machinery Co. P. Ltd. (Collabration Tianjin Chengyuan) on the current industry trends and future of the sector.

Can you brief us on the current status of the corrugation industry?

The Indian corrugated box industry has faced numerous challenges and hurdles in its growth pace due to the very nature of the industry comprising thousands of small players running manual/semi-automatic  plants to cater to the needs of local nearby industries. However, the tide of liberalization and globalization has brought new ray of hope for Indian manufacturers who are now more willing to upgrade technology and turn into completely automatic lines capable of faster, quality driven and economical production.

What are the contributions and achievements of RNN to the industry advancement?

The company has been a leader since its inception and has been giving solutions ahead of its time. The company is seriously involved in providing the latest machinery for all needs and educating people about the importance to using advanced machinery. The company is the first Indian Company to collaborate with a Chinese Company to provide the latest technology.

What are the latest range of machinery offered by RNN?

RNN is currently offering Automatic 5 Layer Carton Production Line , Lead Edge Feeder Printer Die Cutting And Slotting , Automatic Folder Gluer, Automatic Flute Lami-nator , Automatic Flat Bed Die Cutting And Creasing Machine, Semi Automatic Flat Bed Die Cutting And Creasing Machine ,Automatic Tying Machine , Semi Auto Stitching Machine , Semi Folder Gluer , Combined Rotary Slotter , Rotary Die Cutting. We also offer service facility for these machines.

How long will Indian market take to adapt to fully automatic technologies and machineries?

In the current phase of industry evolution from traditional to more efficient modern manufacturing, even the large corrugated box manufacturers have a mix of both semiautomatic and automatic plants. This suggests that the industry transformation is in its nascent stage and will grow momentously if supportive measures to bring down the cost of automation are undertaken by the Government and of course, machinery manufacturers.

How do you think forums like IndiaCorr Expo and India Corrugation Summit going to help industry professionals get together and understand market needs for changing times ahead?

Now that the industry is at a tremendous growth stage, there is need for a comprehensive platform which can

bring all stakeholders together and exchange business and technological information. IndiaCorr Expo is offering an international platform to showcase the latest machinery and trends available in India and abroad. I am confident that the exhibition will not only be an excellent networking platform but also an excellent educational stage as well.

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