India Cold Chain Show is set freeze the industry

Media Release – 08 April 2013

Food is the largest segment in the Indian retail market standing 66% of the total market. Modern retailers would also need to stock food produce, especially Fruits & Vegetables (F&V), in their stores with a strategic intent and it must be of good quality and must appeal to the customer. This produce is maintained in a controlled climate environment from the harvest stage to point of purchase. Transportation is in reefer trucks, storage is in controlled climate warehouses, and retailing is through refrigerated shelves.

India Cold Chain Show has identified opportunities and collated efforts to present a complete event for the industry where solution providers & users can meet, interact and exchange business opportunities. The aim of the trade show is to bring together industry executives, senior management, and operational specialists from cold storage, food manufacturing, processing, warehousing, transportation and distribution companies, as well as representatives from government agencies, investors and suppliers to these industries.

ICCS 2013 has already started to garner support from industry associations and companies with diverse profiles are participating to make the event a remarkable one.

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